Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014
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Lessons on Florida casino expansion

With election season come and gone, the governor and state legislature can return their attention to unfinished business. One issue is whether or not to expand casino gambling.
Published: 11/20/14

We are all waiting for something or someone

Woodrow Wilson, our 28th president, said this about patience: “All things come to he who waits — provided he knows what he is waiting for.”
Published: 11/20/14
What makes a strong lobbyist

What makes a strong lobbyist

Because of its power to influence public affairs, the press has long been known as “the Fourth Estate.” But I think the media may have been displaced. These days, it’s lobbyists who seem to carry the most clout in Washington.
Published: 11/12/14

Internet predators: How to protect your children from online dangers

The internet is an information super highway that allows children of all ages to connect through social media, chat rooms, websites and blogs.
Published: 11/13/14

Just for Grins — To bee or not to bee

This column yet again announces an historic breakthrough that’s certain to provide unprecedented insights into the world of bees specifically and animal behavior in general.
Published: 11/13/14

Letter to Editor: No to Greenlight Pinellas

Hillsborough County voted 58% “NO” to light rail in 2010 — let’s make it 98% “NO” in Pinellas!
Published: 11/03/14

Goober for Governor

A previously undisclosed email chain just surfaced between former Governor Charlie Crist and reigning Governor Rick Scott that could change the political landscape of Florida for the next decade....
Published: 10/30/14

Some thoughts on governing

I have been working in or around government for over 50 years, and if you asked me to boil down what I’ve learned to one sentence, it is this: Governing is much harder work than most people imagine. This doesn’t excuse its lapses or slu...
Published: 10/29/14

The closet hypocrite

Hypocrisy is a part of human nature that most of us do not want to admit we possess or practice. Although we have the best of intentions, we occasionally find ourselves in a situation where our behavior and our beliefs contradict one another. This ma...
Updated: 1 months ago

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