Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
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Beach traffic is the issue, not parking

The city of Clearwater and its City Council has signaled loud and clear that it doesn’t care and outright will not listen to its constituents in regards to the problems and needs of our beautiful barrier island. It’s a clear case of an ...
Updated: 2 months ago

Arts groups win state grants, still need our help

Seeing a recent list of arts, entertainment and cultural groups approved for Florida state grants reminds us of how many such organizations we are privileged to have in the Tampa Bay area.
Updated: 2 months ago

Up in arms over security

In today’s warped society, how does one effectively protect himself or herself or themselves or selves in general from those bent on infringing upon our safety? Besides bodily harm we need to protect our family, our property and even our ident...
Updated: 2 months ago

Florida cities rebounding from recession and housing slump

After a period of stagnation, people are moving into Florida cities. Municipal budgets—dependent on property taxes, state aid and local fees—have begun to stabilize.
Updated: 2 months ago

Patience: A companion of Wisdom

Woodrow Wilson, our 28th president, said this about patience: “All things come to he who waits — provided he knows what he is waiting for.”
Updated: 2 months ago

Don’t stay thirsty, my friends

Liquor. White lightning. Giggle juice. Booze. Hard stuff. Sauce. Suds. Moonshine. Barbara Walters. Such expressions for “adult beverages” seem never-ending.
Updated: 2 months ago

Florida is number 1 again in boating

With more miles of coastline in any state except Alaska, Florida is a prime location for water recreation including boating. As Florida population, jobs and income are increasing, residents are spending more money on discretionary items like boating....
Updated: 2 months ago

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